Introducing Sap Line... with their sound firmly rooted in the musical traditions of New England & Maritime Canada, Scotland & Ireland, and Appalachia, Sap Line blends those traditions into a cohesive palette to work in harmony together.  Bringing an astonishing number of instruments to the stage, Sap Line adds a fresh and youthful flavor to everything they do, from energetic jigs and reels to lyrical 3-part harmony singing, captivating sean-nós dancing, and foot-stomping Old Time favorites.  The band name, Sap Line, comes from the Vermont lingo of tapping trees to make maple syrup. Together, the band taps into their respective skill sets and histories to create a sound built on the long line of musicians that came before them, and in turn carrying the legacy of that music forward to share with audiences on their August 2024 Tour.  

Friday, August 16th, 12pm

Burlington City Arts Concerts

Burlington, VT

Saturday, August 17th

Sutton Fiddle Festival

Sutton, QC

Sunday, August 18th, 2pm

Brownington Ceilidh Club

Brownington, VT 

Videos and band origin story down below with more videos at Sap Line's YouTube playlistTo contact Sap Line, please send an email to

Sap Line began life in 2022 as a project headed by Fiona Stowell and commissioned by Young Tradition Vermont at Vermont Folklife. It started with a series of workshops with Dirk Powell, Sarah and Sean Watkins, Cornerhouse, and our very own Pete Sutherland, alongside rehearsals and performances through the winter of 2022-2023.  The project ended with a capstone tour in April 2023, traveling through Vermont and Quebec, with a final show at Club Passim’s Campfire Festival in Cambridge, MA. Along the way, Sap Line's five members forged a strong bond, built on a mutual love of traditional music and song performance and the enjoyment of making music together.

One year later, and the proverbial gang – Old Time fiddler Fiona Stowell, New England piano and Old Time banjo player Emmett Stowell, Scottish fiddler and tenor banjo player Owen Kennedy, Irish fiddler and dancer Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell, and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grace Martin – are thrilled to be getting the band back together and returning to the stage.

Feast & Field Concert in Barnard, VT

Brownington Ceilidh Club in Brownington, VT

Maine musician Owen Kennedy is an award-winning fiddler rooted in the Maine Maritime musical tradition and immersed in his growing passion for Scottish music, splitting time between Maine and Cape Breton.  Owen began playing the violin at four years old, taking lessons first with Ellen Gawler and later with Seán Heely.  He is the 2022 New England Regional Open Scottish Fiddle Champion, the 2021 Junior US National Scottish Fiddle Champion, and won the 2021 Young Stars of Maine "Glenn Jenks Future in Music" prize.  Owen’s debut album "Oh When: Now" was recorded with Owen Marshall and released in 2023.  Available on Bandcamp, “Oh When: Now” features tunes from Maine and Maritime Canada all the way to Scotland and the Shetland Islands.  Now spending part of each year in Cape Breton, Owen is studying Gaelic language and culture at Beinn Mhàbu and thriving in the rich musical landscape.  Owen has had the opportunity to learn from Gaelic speakers, culture-bearers, and musicians in the classroom and in the community as well as joining in jam sessions, attending square dances, and performing at local events.  Owen is super stoked to be part of Sap Line, playing tunes, singing songs, and having a blast with his friends!  To keep in touch with Owen, visit or find him on social media @fiddlerokennedy. 

Fern Tamagini-O'Donnell has been playing fiddle since she was four years old. She started playing traditional music from around the Celtic world when she was eight, began studying old-style Irish dance at fourteen, and now, at twenty years old, is a seasoned performer of both. Her performing and recording career began with the Cape Cod based band Celtic Roots, but since then she has played with and had leadership positions with various groups and organizations around New England, including most notably Young Tradition Vermont's Touring Group and Youth Commission. She is currently finishing a two-year ethnomusicological study program and grant with her mentor Laurel Martin which was awarded to them by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, wherein they studied the different regional fiddling styles of Ireland and their influence in the wider scope of traditional music. She continues to study dance with Kieran Jordan, with a particular emphasis on Sean Nos dancing and the older set dances of the step dancing tradition. Sharing the music and keeping the tradition going remains her passion, and she is very excited to do it now with her friends in Sap Line!  She can be found online on Facebook and YouTube as Fern Tamagini-O'Donnell, and on Instagram as @the_fiddlehead.

Fiona Stowell is an 18 year old fiddler living in Montpelier, Vermont. She has played music since the ripe old age of four, and has been performing ever since. She is particularly passionate about Old Time, Cape Breton, and Quebecois fiddle styles, but loves playing a little bit of everything. Fiona is also a singer and Celtic dancer. She has sung all over New England with Village Harmony and Northern Harmony, and has performed from New York City to Cape Breton with Young Tradition Vermont programs.  Currently, she is a Youth Artist Leader for the Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group.  Last year, Fiona was the YTV Youth Commission Leader. That group learned from master artists and performed the new material on a tour in Vermont and Quebec, culminating at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA.  Fiona is thrilled to be embarking on a new musical journey with those same friends, now as Sap Line.  Find Fiona on social media at @fiona_and_emmett.

Grace Martin Grace Martin is an 18 year old singer-songwriter attending Bates College in Maine. Her love for traditional music came from playing Irish tunes with her dad in the kitchen as a small child. Now, Grace plays a wide variety of music and instruments, including mandolin, guitar, piano, and electric bass and sings with the Bates College a capella group “The Crosstones”. Grace has performed up and down the East Coast and into the Caribbean, at open mics, cafes, festivals, and contradances. She is an alumni of Cordova Bluegrass Camp in Cordova, Alaska, and is now on staff as an instructor teaching singing, mandolin, and guitar. Grace is also a regular artist at Salmon Jam Music Festival every summer and was a member of the Young Tradition Vermont’s Touring Group and Youth Commission. She is so excited to play with Sap Line! Grace can be found on social media platforms at @gracemartinmusic.

Emmett Stowell is a 15 year old musician from Montpelier, Vermont.  Emmett has been playing music since he was five years old when he told his mom he wanted to play the “rockstar banjo” and has added piano, guitar, and singing since then. He loves all types of traditional music, but his heart will always be with New England and Appalachian Old Time music as taught to him by his mentor Pete Sutherland. Emmett was lucky enough to spend ten years learning banjo from Pete and four years participating in the Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program studying New England Contradance Piano with him, too. Emmett can be found performing in a duo with his sister Fiona, as well as with the Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group at Vermont Folklife. Emmett is super excited to be reunited with his friends and bandmates in Sap Line.  Find Emmett on social media at @fiona_and_emmett.

More videos at Sap Line's YouTube playlist.  To contact us, send an email to