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Floating Fiddle Concert
September 2020

St. Andrew's Day Show
November 2019

Encore Blast with Pete's Posse
September 2019

Acadia Trad with Troy MacGillivray
June 2019

Bangor Contradance
June 2019

Maine Fiddle Camp with Bennett Konesni
August 2019

Hornpipe Night at Blue with Owen Marshall
February 2020

Shetland Tunes for Southport
August 2019

Dalriada Sessions - Edinburgh
July 2019

Bangor Contradance
June 2019

Shetland with the Pineland Fiddlers
July 2019

Open Mic at Van der Brew

Feb 2019

Busking Our Way to Shetland!

Bangor Contradance 
Maine Folque Co-op - October 2018

Lover's Waltz Processional
Gilsland Farm Wedding - Sept 2018

Salt Creek Medley with Josh White
Maine Fiddle Camp - Aug 2018

Silver Oaks Wedding with Ellen & Elsie
July 2018

Fun times at the Winter Market 
Brunswick, January 2018

On stage with Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy  
Rockland, Maine - 2017

Early days, age 10: outside practice session, 
playing chicken tunes for the chickens
December 2015

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