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Pineland Fiddlers    Folque Co-op

St. Andrew's Day Show
November 2019

Encore Blast with Pete's Posse
September 2019

Shetland Tunes for Southport
August 2019

Dalriada Sessions - Edinburgh
July 2019

Readfield Union Meeting House
July 2019

Bangor Contradance
June 2019

Acadia Trad School
June 2019

Open Mic at Van der Brew

Feb 2019

Owen, Alden & Elijah
Oxbow Blending & Bottling - Feb 2019

Owen Kennedy & Owen Marshall
Maine Fiddle Camp - August 2018

Liz Carroll Sandwich Medley
Brunswick Winter Market - Jan 2019

Bangor Contradance 
Maine Folque Co-op - October 2018

Lover's Waltz Processional
Gilsland Farm Wedding - Sept 2018

Salt Creek Medley with Josh White
Maine Fiddle Camp - Aug 2018

Silver Oaks Wedding with Ellen & Elsie
July 2018

Fun times at the Winter Market 
Brunswick, January 2018

On stage with Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy  
Rockland, Maine - 2017

April Waltz & St. Anne's Reel 
with the Sandy River Ramblers
November 2017

Early days, age 10: outside practice session, 
playing chicken tunes for the chickens
December 2015

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