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Bangor Contradance - with John Cote & the Maine Folque Co-op

Thank you to Tavi for having the "Folquemeisters" aka the Maine Folque Co-op play for the Bangor Contradance and to John Cote for playing too!  What a great group of dancers - definitely go check it out if you're in the Bangor area!

2017 Highlights 

With the Sandy River Ramblers

Maine Maple Sunday at the West Minot Grange with the Maine Folque Co-op

Shenanigans with Ellen Gawler & the Pineland Fiddlers at DEFFA....

...and drumming with Mike Boyd, too:


At the Franco Center's FAB Show with the Maine Folque Co-op.  We were joined by Terrence Kern on accordian and doumbek (which gave me major drum envy!), Molly Gawler and her husband Lao Tan Gillam, on fiddle and bodhran, and Anthony Shostak and his daughter Una, on banjo and fiddle.

The Maine Country Dance Fiddle Workshop in Hallowell was super fun.  This was my first year bringing multiple instruments.  It was really awesome to try out my mando skills, drum a little, and fiddle on the advanced tunes.

 2016 Fall Highlights

Blueberry Cove Wedding 

 On the North Church stage with great band The Outside Track:

At the Maine Arts Commission, where I jammed outside with Don Cunningham, and then performed with my sister, Madelyn, and my teacher, Betsy Kobayashi, as one of the musical interludes offered to the workshop attendees.  We played von Weber's Country Dance, J.H. Fiocco's Allegro, and Polish Dance by Edmund Severn.

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